5 Flaxseed Wraps Keto Vegan Recipes For A Filling Sandwich Meal

Are all sandwich wraps filled with a lot of carbohydrates? The short answer is no. People on a ketogenic diet might think that it’s all over for them eating their favorite wraps, but that is far from the case — what matters is the right ingredients are used. Thus, here are 5 flaxseed wraps keto vegan recipes for you to try.

1. Keto, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Flaxseed Wraps

flaxseed wraps keto

Now, do note that all the recipes we’ve included here are good enough for vegetarians to try as well. This one, in particular, takes just 12 minutes to cook and prepare. Plus, you only really need four ingredients: golden or brown flaxseed, boiled water, salt, and your chosen spice. You can use turmeric, ground ginger, garlic powder, or onion flakes to enhance the taste of your low-carb vegan wraps.

This recipe is good for four people, with each serving packing only 1.2g net carbs. Also, do note that using brown flaxseed can lead to a relatively bitter taste. So if you don’t want that, you should opt for golden flaxseed. In addition, a ceramic non-stick pan eliminates the need for oil.

Check out the full recipe here

2. Paleo and Vegan-Friendly Flaxseed Wraps


Our second entry uses the golden flax seeds due to their less bitter taste and their light appearance. Similar to the first recipe, you’d need hot water — and this is very important. If the water has turned lukewarm, it becomes difficult to roll them out. Plus, the flaxseed wraps will turn stiff.

As for the flavor, you can use salt, spinach, tomato paste, and any other herb or spice. Even though the water needs to be hot, you have to let the wraps cool down a bit. Only then can you roll them out. Preparing takes 15 minutes, but the cooking time is just five minutes. Afterward, you’ll have five low-carb servings.

Here is a video of making Paleo and Vegan-friendly Flaxeed Wraps:

Check out the full recipe here

3. Nut-Free, Gluten-Free Vegan Keto Wraps

vegan keto wraps

One distinct ingredient here is chickpea flour. It does add some carbohydrates, but it mixes well with coconut flour. Plus, it increases the amount of protein. When you’re placing oil in the pan, it’s best to spread it with a silicone brush. Don’t be hasty and let the pan heat up. Otherwise, the keto-friendly wraps would become sticky.

On a related note, each side of the vegan wraps needs five minutes of cooking. This recipe provides four servings, with each one having 90 calories, 5.6g fat, 2.8g protein, and just 0.5g net carbs.

Check out the full recipe here

4. Vegan Flaxseed Paleo Tortillas


Here’s another variant of the Latin American sandwich. This takes half an hour to prepare, but we’re confident you won’t mind the wait. This is a low-carb and vegan tortilla wrap made of flaxseeds. The recipes listed are pretty much the same with the previous entries: water, flaxseed, and salt.

However, the difference is that this variant can be made without salt — it’s merely an option. Moreover, each serving has 224 calories along with 17g fat, 7g protein, and a single gram of carbohydrates. There are even bits of calcium, iron, and potassium!

Check out the full recipe here

5. Flax Meal Tortillas

Flax Meal Tortillas

Finally, this recipe is inspired by the previous one. So, what’s the difference? Well, it’s all about the cooking method! For one, the vegan tortillas here are made using flax meal that has already been grounded. Plus, the salt is applied even before you roll out the dough.

The result? Soft and tasty low-carb wraps that even the kids will enjoy. You can make five of these tortillas in under 30 minutes. In addition, you can consume them regardless whether they’re hot or cold — these wraps will remain delicious!

Check out the full recipe here

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to make low-carb wraps made of flaxseed. You can make them with four or even just two ingredients! Likewise, you can always experiment with what spice or seasoning you would use your wraps. Thus, we hope this helped you in finding new ketogenic meals. If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment!

The usual sandwich wraps aren’t good for your ketogenic diet due to their high carbohydrate content. Thankfully, these 5 flaxseed wraps keto vegan recipes barely have net carbs in them.Flaxseed wraps keto vegan

5 flaxseed wraps keto vegan

5 best flaxseed wraps keto vegan recipes

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