10 of the Best Keto Fat Bomb Recipes to Help Keeping Your Shape

The Ketogenic diet is a good solution to make your body healthier and you do not have to do more exercises. Some people cannot practice a lot of workouts because of their health issues. You might hear about the Ketosis, but you do not know how to put it in your plates. Here are my 10 best recipes that you are able to start off.

1. Peanut butter fat bombs

Peanut butter is often made from dry-roasted peanuts which have many extra ingredients to change the taste or grain. This food paste is common in some countries surrounding the West region.

In general, we can spread it into sandwiches. However, this will make your body fatter because of starch in a piece of sandwich. Therefore, it would be better if you enjoy the peanut butter fat bomb. The recipe is here.

Peanut butter fat bombs

2. Cacao and cashew fat bombs

Cacaos and cashews have become a great couple in your daily Keto diet. These bombs will not afford you with the richness and the explosion outside. It can be a wonderful snack in your light meal whenever you need to add. Boosting your fat intake and holding the carbs in a fixed level is a good way through this Keto diet.

Do not think that fat is not good for your body. It can make a lot of energies for you for a whole day. Snack this fat bomb when you are out of home or when you are too hungry. Where can I see the recipe?

Cacao and cashew fat bombs

3. Coconut cinnamon fat bombs

If you love coconut, you will not miss out this tropical fruit – coconut. Why do not you make a fat bomb from the coconut and cinnamon as well? They will give you a special feeling when tasting the bomb with a delicious smell in each. Both of them have greasy relish. Forget commercial snacks and try the recipe of this fat bomb.

Coconut cinnamon fat bombs

4. Chocolate fat bomb

Who are fans of chocolate? I guess that they have to make the chocolate fat bomb no matter how busy they are. At weekends, they can invite friends and celebrate a party with friends or family. Then, they show this bomb in the desert time. How about you? Do you love chocolate? If not, you may surprise that chocolate can make your mind cooler and more relaxed. Open the recipe now!

Chocolate fat bomb

5. Creamsicle fat bombs

For those who live in a tropical region, they will pay more attention to the creamsicle bombs. These even could not leave in their mind and their taste buds. Instead of drinking Cokes or sodas, switch your method to reduce your thirsty feeling on a hot season. Make it so simple which all you must do is mixing the ingredients and freeze them. Give you the recipe right away, don’t you think so?!

Creamsicle fat bombs

6. Blueberry fat bombs

The color of blueberry is beautiful making you have to try it out. It is a magnificent idea to create blueberry fat bombs. Do not worry about artificial colors because the entire color is natural blueberry only. If you are afraid of the sweet bomb, you could squeeze lemon to balance the flavor. Find out the recipe here.

Blueberry fat bombs

7. Cheesecake fat bombs

Cheesecake is seductive that most of people love that taste a lot. I think that I do not need to show you how wonderful the health nutrition is. You should move on the recipe as soon as possible.

Cheesecake fat bombs

8. Ginger fat bombs 

Ginger is really good for our health, so you can see the ginger tea anywhere around the world. It is also a tremendous ingredient in some food recipes with its benefits. Make the ginger fat bombs are an incredible idea to reduce fat intake in some people. Add the coconut oil to support you stop sweet cravings. Let’s begin with the recipe in advance.

Ginger fat bombs

9. Pudding fat bombs 

Pudding is a common snack in most of kitchens around the world. Make this Jell-O pack for a quick snack will save you lots of hours in the next morning day. Nonetheless, do not consume them day-by-day as you will add more carbs to your body and the diet plan is failed. Follow the recipe here!

Pudding fat bombs

10. Pumpkin spice fat bombs

Pumpkin spice fat bombs are a rich source of healthy fats without containing sugar. Even if you are not a pumpkin lover, you probably love these bombs on your Keto diet. Let’s discover the recipe!

Pumpkin spice fat bombs

Different people have different gourmet meals or snacks. I recommend my list of the best Keto fat bombs with the recipes included. You freely pick all or the one you like. Who cares?


Best Keto Fat Bomb
Best Keto Fat Bomb
Best Keto Fat Bomb
Best Keto Fat Bomb
Best Keto Fat Bomb